why are pisces so hated

The zodiac’s last and twelfth sign, Pisces, is symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions. The qualities of Pisces include compassion, creativity, intuition, and spirituality. They can readily empathise with people and have a strong connection to their emotions. But not everybody admires Pisces’ characteristics. It’s possible that some individuals dislike Pisces for a variety of reasons.
Here are some of the possible reasons why Pisces are so hated by some people:

Pisces are too idealistic.

Pisces have a strong sense of fantasy and a creative imagination. They frequently imagine a perfect world filled with happiness and tranquilly. They could become naive and unrealistic as a result, though. They could choose to disregard the unpleasant facts of life and put off dealing with their issues. They might also have inflated expectations of both themselves and other people, which could leave them feeling let down and resentful.

Pisces are too passive.

Pisces are extremely flexible and adaptive. They are able to move with the flow and quickly adapt to various conditions. But this might also make them passive and unsure of themselves. They may lack purpose and direction in life and defer to others’ judgement. Even in situations where they must defend themselves or others, they may also shy away from conflict and confrontation. They might prefer to run away from reality than face it.

Pisces are too sensitive.

Pisces are very emotional and empathetic. They can feel what others feel and understand their perspectives. However, this can also make them overly sensitive and vulnerable. They may take things too personally and get hurt easily by criticism or rejection. They may also have mood swings and be prone to depression or anxiety. They may need constant reassurance and validation from others to feel good about themselves.

Pisces are too secretive.

Pisces are exceedingly mysterious and secretive. They have a deep inner life that they don’t readily share with others. Even people who are close to them could not know their genuine emotions and thoughts. In order to protect themselves or to prevent upsetting others, they could also lie or deceive them. They can be hiding something and they dont want anyone to know¬†, which makes them appear dishonest or untrustworthy.

Pisces are too self-sacrificing.

Pisces are incredibly kind and unselfish. They are always prepared to help those in need and constantly prioritise the needs of others over their own. They could become martyr-like and self-sacrificing as a result, though. For the sake of others, they could put their own pleasure and wellbeing last. They could also allow themselves to be manipulated or used by others. They could struggle to say “no” or establish limits with others.

These are some of the possible reasons why Pisces are so hated by some people. However, these reasons are not valid or fair to judge Pisces as a whole. Pisces have many positive traits that outweigh its negative ones, such as being creative, compassionate, intuitive, and spiritual. Pisces are not perfect, but neither is anyone else. Pisces deserve respect and love just like any other sign of the zodiac.

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