why is everyone leaving plexus

Plexus is a company that provides electronic manufacturing services to customers in various industries, such as healthcare, industrial, communications, and aerospace. Plexus offers design and development, supply chain, new product introduction, manufacturing, and aftermarket services. Plexus has been in business since 1979 and has 28 manufacturing facilities in 22 locations worldwide .

However, in recent years, Plexus has faced some challenges that may have contributed to the departure of some employees and customers. Some of these challenges include:

  • Increasing competition from other electronic manufacturing services providers, especially in Asia, where labor costs are lower and market demand is higher.
  • Declining profitability and revenue growth due to pricing pressures, customer concentration, product mix changes, and operational inefficiencies .
  • Difficulty in attracting and retaining talent due to the complex and demanding nature of the products and services that Plexus delivers.
  • Exposure to various risks such as supply chain disruptions, regulatory compliance issues, intellectual property disputes, cybersecurity threats, and environmental liabilities .

These challenges may have led some employees and customers to seek other opportunities or alternatives that offer better prospects, compensation, or satisfaction. Plexus may need to address these challenges by investing in innovation, quality, efficiency, and customer service to remain competitive and retain its loyal workforce and clientele.

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